6 November 2024, Sofia Event Center

Major accents

The Macro-environment: hard landing, soft landing or no landing? Economy, inflation, rate hikes and the real estate market – why 2023 is not 2008?

Focus on Fundamentals: What’s next for the real estate industry?

Investment Environment 2023/2024 – where is capital going? Market trends and prospects, investment drivers, liquidity and capital allocation – the big picture. Capitalizing opportunities: discovering value in a rapid-changing environment.

Sustainability for success: ESG compliance as a standard. Striving for a lasting and positive change – the role of the real estate industry in creating social value and environmental sustainability. 

Office Market Outlook - Bulgaria 2023/2024: Evolving workstyle specifics as a demand driver. High-quality sustainable assets in the focus of occupier demand - transformations as an opportunity, costs as a challenge.

The New Generation Office: strive for quality, sustainability and innovation - delivering future-proof ecosystems. Environmental and human-centric approach as a fundamental. Vibrant places, flexible spaces and the future of hybrid work.

Flex space and Co-working: Reimagine workplace - filling the service and flexibility gaps. Expansion prospects and operational models - synergies, communities, environments.

Residential and Mixed-use concepts: creating attractive and vibrant living environments. Lifestyle trends, social specifics, functional mix and placemaking models for better residential projects. The better living environment as a major demand driver.

Residential Market Bulgaria 2023/2024: Housing needs and development perspectives. Responding to slowdown - cyclical trends, liquidity aspects and cost challenges. High-end residential market: developing exclusive luxury assets – key principles and characteristics of the premium residential product.

Hotels and Hospitality: delivering unique user experience in the context of high travel activity - challenges, prospects and opportunities in the different hotel sub-markets. Inflation, operating costs and price adjustment models.

Retail: real estate perspectives based on current consumption patterns and behavior. Expansion trends and investment activity 2023/2024 – new physical store concepts, retail park trends and the shifts in omni-channel strategies.

Industrial and Logistics market Bulgaria 2023/2024: development perspectives and challenges, rental growth potential and demand drivers. Green, energy efficient and sustainable practices as a fundamental part of the business strategy.

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